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Along with our commercial and residential locksmith services, Superior Lock and Safe provides a Residential and Commercial Safe options. 

Benefits of owning a Safe:

  1. Rest assured that your most valuable belongings are protected from theft and from damage.
  2. Access valuable jewellery or confidential documents or data easily, with haste and at your own convenience
  3. Proven more cost-effective than going through a bank

Safe options

At Superior Lock and Safe, we offer a wide selection of safes to suit a variety of needs. 

Our selection includes:

We are also a distributor for the following Safe companies:

  • Access Security Products
  • Securifort Inc.
  • Gardex Safe Inc.

Whether you’re looking to find a means to protect your most valued items through the risk of fire, or looking for a simple and secure locker storage space, Superior Lock and Safe can help you.  Not sure which option is for you? Don’t worry – come talk to us – we do.

Our Emergency 24/7 Service

Leaving home on a whim and in need or immediate and reliable services? Our 24/7 services policy will allow you to get what you need in a timely fashion.  Simply contact us – you can count on us to answer – and we will do our very best to get your needs met with care. As members of international associations of security professionals, such as ALOA and Tidel, you can be confident that we are qualified to care for your valuables and your peace of mind.

After all, installing a Home or Commercial Safe is installing peace of mind.

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